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Ninex and our strategic partners provide schools of all sizes with the latest in advanced security and safety technology, systems, and services, to help mitigate a host of current and emerging threats.

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Real-Time Temperature Screening, Contact Tracing & Compliance Monitoring for Schools.

Ninex TempCon™ System powered by SCYLLA is the only all-in-one system that provides real-time, non-contact temperature screening and monitoring. The system can identify individuals with elevated body temperatures, improper face mask usage, social distancing noncompliance, and enhanced contact tracing.

Today's new normal... Is anything but normal

When schools across the country fully reopen, new policies and procedures will have to be implemented and enforced to help ensure the safety of every student, teacher, and staff member from COVID-19. From checking the temperature of everyone multiple times a day to wearing a mask and social distancing. Ninex TempCon™ System can automatically check everyone's temperature and monitor the activity throughout an entire school looking for noncompliant related issues, without disruption, helping to ensure everyone's safety.

real time detection, analyzation, identification, and notification

Our high definition dual imaging cameras capture dozens of images in less than a second


Our advanced artificial intelligence analyzes images looking for elevated body temperature and CDC guidelines


Our facial recognition technology can provide the names of those individuals that are identified


On-site and mobile alerts are automatically sent to school nurse or designated personnel for response


When a person walks in front of one of our Dual Imaging Conventional and Thermal Cameras (DICTC), multiple images are sent to our system processor for analysis like elevated body temperature, improper face mask usage, and/or social distancing noncompliance issues. Ninex TempCon™ System can scan up to 15 people per second 900 per minute, in virtually any indoor environment.

image one

Analytic detection technology locks on to a persons face looking for a mask and measuring the distance between each individual.

image two

Thermal imaging technology measures the temperature on multiple points on a persons face simultaneously.


Utilizing the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ninex TempCon™ System processor instantly evaluates all captured images for elevated body temperatures of 100.4° or higher, proper face mask usage, and social distancing policies. When an issue is identified, Ninex TempCon™ System can automatically issue the appropriate alert notification.

Ninex TempCon™ System can generate a variety of printable reports providing statistical information on the number of students, teachers, staff members, or visitors detected with an abnormal temperature, improper face mask usage, and/or noncompliance with a schools social distancing policy.


Ninex TempCon™ System optional internal Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) compares all captured images to photographs found within its internal database of all students, teachers, or staff members at your school.


Depending upon the type of alert notification you wish to receive, Ninex TempCon™ alert notification are fully customizable. Temperature alerts can be automatically sent to your school nurse, with the captured image, the name of the student, teacher, or staff member when utilizing our (FRT). Additional information such as the location of the detection, can help quickly locate the person for additional screening and/or isolation.

Other notifications like improper face mask usage or social distancing issues can be email to other designated staff members throughout a school and can be viewed on any computer or tablet.

Contact Tracing

All it takes is just one person infected with COVID-19 and it can spread to dozens of other students, teachers, or staff members throughout an entire school in just a matter of hours. Identifying everyone who has had direct contact with the infected person is critical.

Ninex TempCon™ Contact Tracing Module (CTM) connected to a schools network video surveillance system can trace the activity of anyone throughout an entire school in minutes, helping to identify anyone who has had direct contact with the infected person and prevent a full school closure.

When schools fully re-open will you be ready
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What the experts say about mitigating COVID-19
Social distancing should be practiced by all individuals to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Food & drug administration
Fever is the most common symptom among mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.
Center of disease control
Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 should avoid making contact with others.
Health & Human Services
The utilization of a facemask and eye protection helps individuals from touching their face.
Mayo Clinic
Frequently Asked Questions

No. The fact is that no thermal imaging system can detect the presence of COVID-19, only a coronavirus test administered by medical professionals can determine whether a person actually has the coronavirus. Ninex TempCon™ System is designed to detect elevated body temperature, one of the signs of COVID-19.

Our system works in 4 phases, 1. Detection, 2. Analyzation, 3. Identification, 4. Notification

1. Detection: When a person walks in front of our high definition cameras, dozens of multiple images are captured simultaneously with conventional and thermal imaging technology, looking for elevated body temperature, facial mask usage, and proper social distancing.

2. Analyzation: Utilizing the latest in artificial intelligent technology, Ninex TempCon™ instantly processes all data received, looking for elevated body temperature of 100.4° or higher, proper facial mask usage, and social distancing protocols.  When an abnormal temperature is detected and/or non-compliant, a voice alarm is activated providing local notification while simultaneously sending alerts to mobile devices for non-monitored areas.

3. Identification: When an activation occurs, advanced facial recognition technology automatically scans the captured image, matching it against photographs of employees, visitors, or vendors found within its internal database assisting in identification.

4. Notification: When detection points are not monitored by personnel, system activations are instantly sent to a mobile device allowing security or designated staff the ability to immediately identify, locate, mitigate noncompliant issues and/or isolate the person for additional screening.

There are several different features that make our system truly different.

1. Our systems are designed to be fully automated and does not just check for elevated body temperature, but can also check for non-compliance issues like failure to wear a mask or failure to keep proper social distancing.

2. Our system can support multiple cameras, allowing them to be strategically placed to not only detect individuals as they enter the premises, but monitor body temperatures and compliance issues throughout the day.

3. Unlike most systems where you have to have a system operator monitoring the video screen, looking for individuals with an elevated body temperature, our system does not need a dedicated system operator to do this, as it will automatically provide notification to a variety of mobile devices.

4. Our system does not require a black box compensator to measure elevated body temperature. Other systems do require this and can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000 per monitoring station.

Yes. Ninex TempCon™ System is camera-agnostic as long as your thermal camera meets the minimum system requirements it can be utilized as a primary or secondary camera. If you’d like to know if your thermal camera system will work with our Ninex TempCon™ System just email our sales department at sales@ninex.us with the make and model of your camera.

There is no limit on the number of individuals our system can check. We offer many different types of systems, our enterprise-level system can support hundreds of cameras and can scan up to 15 people per second, 900 per minute, looking for elevated body temperatures as well as proper facial mask usage and social distancing guidelines.

No. Ninex TempCon™ System supports both manned and unmanned scanning stations using alerts to send notifications to a dashboard and mobile apps.

Ninex TempCon™ System does not record or store any personal information or video, and is GDPR and CCPA compliance certified.

It depends. If an individual is wearing a face mask this will not affect obtaining a temperature reading. However, if an individual's complete facial area is covered with multilayered personal protection equipment, like a respirator, an accurate reading may not be possible.

Facial Recognition is not required for our system to function and can be turned off.

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Ninex TempCon™ System is the perfect solution to provide your school real-time, non-contact temperature monitoring and compliance and should be a part of every public and private schools multilevel approach to help protect their students, teachers, staff members and visitors from COVID-19.

Whether you're looking for a single location school or district wide multi-camera system, that can scan up to 15 people per second, 900 per minute, we've got you covered.

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Ninex TempCon™ System is not intended to be used as a medical device, it is part of a two stage system, to identify individuals with a potential fever, who are then subject to an additional screening procedure with an FDA approved medical thermometer to confirm the presence of a fever.