Today's new normal... Is anything but normal

As schools across the country fully reopen, additional policies and procedures will have to be implemented and enforced to help ensure the safety of every student, teacher, and staff member from COVID-19. From checking everyone's temperature multiple times a day to properly wearing a face-mask and following social distancing guidelines to immediate response, isolation, and notification when an infected person is detected.

Ninex TempCon™ System/Software powered by SCYLLA Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology when connected to a school’s video surveillance system can turn “ordinary cameras” into “smart cameras” looking for non-compliant related issues without any human interaction and can automatically issue alerts and notify designated school personnel.

Detect - Analyze - Identify - Notify... In Seconds

Ninex TempCon™ System/Software connects directly to an 1existing video surveillance system network, and can automatically detect a variety of safety and non-compliance issues in seconds. Here's how. When a person passes by a 2camera, our advanced artificial intelligence technology processes the image looking for predetermined COVID-19 compliance-related issues.

When a critical issue is detected, a designated staff member can be notified via email or push notification to a mobile device providing the person's image, 3their name, and location of the incident. Additionally, various reports providing statistical information on the number of students, teachers, staff members, or visitors detected with an abnormal temperature, improper face-mask usage, and/or noncompliance with a school's social distancing policy can easily be generated.

1Ninex TempCon™ System supports virtually any 740P camera or higher. 2Cameras must be equipped with our licensed AI. 3When utilizing our facial recognition technology.

Who is that

Utilizesing the latest facial recognition technology Ninex TempCon™ can help determine the names by comparing photograph found within the system processors’ internal database. Identification is achieved by identifying the features of a person's face, specifically a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Accuracy levels can vary depending upon the type and placement of the camera.

Mobile Alerts

Ninex TempCon™ System can automatically issue various customizable mobile alerts based on the severity of the issue. Temperature alerts can be immediately sent to the school's nurse cell phone, providing the location of the detection, time and date, the person's name, grade, and temperature.

Other alerts and notifications like improper face mask usage, social distancing issues, or occupancy level violations can be emailed to other designated staff members and can be reviewed on any computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Ninex TempCon™ System/Software Provides Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
Body Temp Monitoring
Face-Mask Usage Monitoring
Social Distancing Monitoring
Occupancy Levels Monitoring
Body Temp Monitoring

Checking every student, teacher, and staff member's temperature multiple times a day should be part of every school COVID-19 mitigation program.

Ninex TempCon™ artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, when connected to one of our thermal imaging cameras, can automatically scan up to 15 people per second 900 per minute, looking for anyone with an elevated body temperature of 100.4° or higher.

When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an alert can be instantly sent to the school's nurse cell phone, with their image, name, and location to initiate additional screening and/or isolation.

Face-Mask Usage Monitoring

The ability to continuously monitor everyone throughout an entire school to ensure proper face-mask usage is virtually impossible. However, it is imperative that all teachers, students, staff members, and visitors adhere to a school's face-mask policy to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 or other types of infectious diseases.

Ninex TempCon™ artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology can check the faces of all individuals as they pass by a camera, identifying any teacher, student, staff member, or visitor who fails to comply with proper face-mask usage policies. Alerts can be sent in real-time and/or archived, enabling proactive response to violations.

Social Distancing Monitoring

The ability to measure between individuals can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, especially when proper face-mask usage is not followed.

Ninex TempCon™ artificial intelligence can automatically analyze an individual's distance as they pass by designated school cameras.

A local audible alert can be activated when persons are not following the school's social distancing policies. Repeat violations can be sent to designated personnel.

Occupancy Level Monitoring

Maintaining specific occupancy levels in designated areas can help schools comply with local ordinance and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Ninex TempCon™ artificial intelligence can calculate the number of students, teachers, staff members, and visitors as they pass by a camera entering a room or area. If an occupancy level is violated, an alert can be sent to designated staff members to respond.

Additionally, an end-of-day report can be generated, providing janitorial personnel the rooms or areas that will need additional cleaning levels.

Also Available From Ninex

Emergency Contact Tracing

When the inevitable happens!

All it takes is just one person infected with COVID-19 that can unknowingly spread it throughout an entire school in just a matter of hours, infecting dozens. Identifying anyone who has had direct contact with the infected person is critical.

Utilizing a school’s security camera recorded video, Ninex TraceCon™ Emergency Contact Tracing can scan hundreds of security cameras and thousands of hours of recorded video, determining who has had direct contact with an infected person throughout an entire school or district.

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Ninex TempeCon™ System/Software is not intended to be used as a medical device and cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.

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